Google way back This isn’t a good start for Google in 2007: the Google Calculator and currency converter doesn’t work anymore, as Ionut Alex.Comment Original post by Google Blogoscoped

<<From all of us on the AdSense team, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year! Posted by Arlene Lee – AdSense Publisher Support>>   (more…) Original post by Chris Gilmer

Categories: Business Models , Advertising , Search , Google , Venture Capital , VC , Self-Promotion , Google Software Applications Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wants to beat Google at its winning game, search, …Comment Original post by ZDNet Blogs

Some things never make it out of Beta. Recently, Google deprecated their SOAP-based Search API in favor of an AJAX Search API.Comment Original post by Even a chimp can write code

If I were a lot more paranoid than I am . The net result is that 2006 brought us some of the best online applications ever created and you can see the results for yourself below.Comment Original post by

Internet video had a big year in 2006, and there’s no better evidence than Google’s $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube.Comment Original post by Chicago Tribune on

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