PPC Networks

PPC Networks

Adsense Revenue Sharing

Get Paid to Post and for Referrals

For webmasters, there are many alternatives to Google AdSense:


This one is accepting 10,000 publishers during pre-launch and pays well for referrals. You will soon display pay-per-click contextual ads, rich media ads, interstitial ads, viral videos, and viral text links, to name a few . . .

Looking for an alternative to AdSense and YPN?

Then be a FAN of the best alternative yet.


Yahoo Publisher Network

Yahoo! is expanding its distribution network to include you.


Clicksor will pay you up to 60% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from your website. Contextual Advertising Technology by Clicksor allows your visitors to enjoy the content of your website and bring generous earnings to you at the same time.


Targetpoint’s services are particularly publisher-oriented: You’ll have absolute control over the appearance of your ads, supervision over ad content, up-to-date statistics on your site’s performance and, most importantly, better bottom-line revenue.


  • Instant, free setup
  • No software to install, just 4 lines of HTML
  • You set pricing for your site
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Small, non-intrusive text links (40 chars) are a pleasure
  • Approve or reject each link for your site
  • Automated link start and expiration
  • Track success with MarketBanker Statistics
  • Included in MarketBanker’s site directory
  • Frequently Asked Questions


There are ten reasons why publishers are choosing BidClix, making us one of the Internet’s leading ad networks.


RealContext helps Online Publishers maximize their ad revenues by displaying contextually relevant, targeted, and best bang-for-the-buck ads on their websites.


Affiliate Sensors context-relevant, text-link affiliate ad blocks let you choose from ClickBank’s over 10,000 products by copying and pasting a little JavaScript onto your web pages.

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Place text ads on your site and get paid for every click

Veoda has several opportunities to partner and earn money:

  • Static Listings Professional Contextual Ads Highly Acclaimed
  • Flash Listings professional animated scrolling ads
  • Search box Customizable search box that pays
  • Fly in Ads Text based Ads that Fly-In on a users screen
  • PowerBox? Professionally created search box and results
  • Xml Feeds Data feed for external parsing
  • Refer Users Receive 30% of all deposits/earnings for life

Revenue Pilot

RevenuePilot provides you with the most innovative, efficient and effective way to monetize your traffic. The Pay For Performance (PFP) and the Pay Per Click (PPC) markets have created ample opportunity for the web publishing community to turn its traffic into pure profits. RevenuePilot offers its affiliates seamless entrance into this highly profitable arena through its Premiere Pay Per Click Network.

Kanoodle Bright Ads

Put Kanoodle’s sponsored links on your Web site and earn revenue with every click! No matter what type of content you have on your site, Kanoodle has BrightAds to match – so they’re always relevant and sure to appeal to your site’s visitors.

Enhance Interactive

Enhance Interactive serves its customers’ paid listings and contextual advertisements on search engines and content-based Web sites throughout the Internet. We partner with industry leaders such as MSN and InfoSpace, as well as smaller search engines and targeted content sites, and we pay them cash for displaying our advertisers’ messages.

Quigo AdSonar

Make more money from your site traffic, on your terms. AdSonar gives you the tools to quickly and easily place advertisements on your site that will interest your users and produce clicks.


By partnering with Searchfeed.com, Webmasters enhance site content while earning additional revenue from existing Web traffic. Through the integration of paid keyword content, visitors gain access to more relevant information about an area of interest, increasing usability and overall ‘stickiness’ of a partner’s site.

Vibrant Media IntelliTXT

Vibrant Media’s patent-pending IntelliTXT technology highlights commercial text links from keywords appearing within pages of online content. Vibrant Media’s proprietary technology automates the analysis and categorization of content, identifies the most appropriate marketing message to deliver and, when activated by the user, dynamically serves advertising messages to the right user at the right time.

Vibrant Media SmartAd

Vibrant Media’s patented SmartAD dynamically matches web publishers’ high-quality content with relevant leading advertisers that are searching for contextually targeted real estate. Contextually relevant banner ads are dynamically delivered adjacent to immediate editorial content. Publishers receive fixed CPM for all paid SmartAD units served on the site.


Nixxie’s partnership solution uses intelligent technology that can read and understand the content of your websites pages. By doing so, Nixxie delivers advertising that is most relevant to the content of your web pages.


Generating revenue, superior technology, a trusting partnership and customer support are the driving force of our Publisher network.

contextWeb ContextAd

ContextAd provides a dramatic increase in click throughs, resulting in higher effective CPMs. Matching the most appropriate spots to the most appropriate advertisers translates into the ability to better manage and sell inventory. Additionally, the technology’s unique ability to bridge keyword and category targeting means it can access new inventory that publishers can offer advertisers, creating entirely new revenue streams. These factors represent critical competitive and economic differentiators in the rapidly evolving contextual advertising category.


Accelerate your site’s revenue

Stop wasting space on your site serving annoying graphical ads that surfers mentally tune out. Accelerate your revenues by serving great looking TargetFirst text ads that have a much higher click through rate, and blend in beautifully with your pages.


CoverClicks ads are shown all over the Internet through pop-ups, pop-unders, banner ads, text ads and more. Now you can work with one of the most profitable programs available at a payout usually reserved for the largest advertising networks.


AdBrite, “The Internet’s Ad Marketplace”, is an e-commerce site. Rather than selling books, CDs, or rare antiques, AdBrite sells ad space on thousands of websites.


Rydium was founded in 1999 with a mandate to provide branding and direct response advertising opportunities across a group of niche content online publishers. Rydium continues to maintain its position as a premium online advertising company.


Claxon Media offers you multiple ad formats, accurate stats, timely payments (check, wire, & Paypal), low minimum earning requirements, high fill rates, and the ability to preview ads, opt out of ads, and set up defaults. We also guarantee speedy replies to your questions and the best customer service possible.


Start earning large amounts of commission now by joining one of the many Affiliate programs listed in the clixGalore affiliate network.

Using the ‘Instant Website Builder’ tool, located in your clixGalore Member Home area, you can easily and instanly generate promotional web pages containing our Merchant’s products. You may use these pages to promote and earn commission for product sales generated for our Merchants.


Generating revenue, superior technology, a trusting partnership and customer support are the driving force of our Publisher network.


DynamiContext provides web publishers a new way to gain new and increased advertising revenue streams and take part of the booming online advertising market that is expected to grow by 2008 to a $15.6 billion market.


AzoogleAds is a performance-based online advertising network comprised of a variety of effective large to medium vertical sites, portals and email publishers.

Casale Media

Looking for an end-to-end solution that delivers maximum earnings and high quality advertising content? Casale Media connects its publishers to a large selection of quality advertisers across all verticals, and provides the technology needed to track, analyze and optimize the value and utilization of online media inventory. All Casale Media publishers are provided with a custom web-based account interface that empowers them to take complete control over every conceivable aspect of ad management. Best of all, every ad delivered to publishers’ sites is dynamically optimized to maximize advertising income and inventory allocation. That means happy advertisers, satisfied readers, and more revenue for publishers.

Burst Media

BURST! Media sells advertising for more than 2000 websites that represent the highest quality specialty content on the Internet. BURST! is devoted to meeting the needs of both our specialty-content web publishers, and advertisers who understand the unique value of specialty-content web sites and their audiences.

Tribal Fusion

The quality and reach of the sites Tribal Fusion represents is the key to building successful relationships with advertisers. Tribal Fusion strives to maintain pure, relevant content in each of their channels, and accepts only a small percentage of publishers who seek representation.

RealTechNetwork – Earn 70% of gross revenue. All IAB banner sizes available. WorldWide Coverage

Are you a publisher looking to maximize your advertising revenue? Applying to become a publisher of the RealTechNetwork may be what you have been looking for.

Buds Media Network

Whether you’re using us for a piece of your ad chain, your only ad source, or to run campaigns through our affiliate network, BUDS Media is dedicated to getting you the highest revenue possible for your inventory. Unlike other networks that can’t fill your entire inventory and leave you with unsold impressions, BUDS Media guarantees to fully sell all your ads at premium rates. Our affiliate network also has tons of top notch offers, such as Hotbar, screensavers.com, and great sweepstakes and giveaways.


ValueClick Media is one of the largest and most reputable online advertising networks, representing more than 6,000 quality media properties of all sizes, including top portals, leading vertical content sites and niche content sites. Whether on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, publishers can depend on ValueClick Media for a comprehensive and reliable solution to generate revenue from their online advertising inventory.

Mamma Media Solutions

Earn revenue from search and graphic advertising while enhancing your site at the same time. You have the flexibility to select or combine two different types of revenue streams for your website: search ads or graphic ads.

RealCast Media

RealCast Media was designed to provide small- and mid-sized Web sites with an avenue to become part of an online publishing team. Our philosophy is not to concentrate on the larger Web sites that other site representation companies seek. We believe that the small- and mid-sized Web sites provide a more focused and selective reach. Likewise, we find our Web users to be extremely active and more comfortable with their online experience.

Hurricane Digital Media

Why Choose Hurricane Digital Media?

  • We sell and manage your advertising inventory
  • We have 100% sell through – no more default ads
  • We payout net 45
  • We serve CPM offers
  • Payments via check or PayPal
  • No monthly minimum impression volume requirements
  • Non-exclusive agreement – 60% payout
  • Exclusive agreement – 75% payout
  • Run our ads as much, or as little as you want
  • We accept forums, messageboards, chat, and new sites
  • Top-notch customer service


Advertising.com conducts strategic direct-response and brand marketing campaigns that guarantee bottom-line results for our clients. From web ads to search listings, we offer diverse tactical tools, innovative thinking and the most expansive reach in the industry.


At adagency1 we provide you, as our Affiliate, with a constant stream of Web revenue. We do this by helping you sell 100% of your impressions to a growing number of advertisers?we have hundreds of advertisers who are eager to buy ad space on your pages.

Traffic Marketplace

Become a Traffic Marketplace Express Publisher today and start earning additional revenue serving ads from your website. We bring the advertisers to your site and pay you 65% of the revenue your site’s users generate.

Revenue Science

Behavioral targeting from Revenue Science enables you to increase revenue with little investment?regardless of the size and type of your Web site, or your current advertising model.


There are a lot of ways to sell advertising space. We want to maximize the long-term value of your web site by helping you sell directly to advertisers. Selling directly promotes your brand and your business, so that advertisers can discover the true value of your web site’s content and audience. Adify costs nothing to try, and gives you greater control over your advertising destiny.

OutBout Media

As a publishing partner in the Outbout Publishing Network, you receive 60% of what advertisers pay per each unique click your website generates. To integrate our unique contextual PPC ads into your site, we provide you various linking methods ranging from dynamic targeted banners to advanced XML and RSS integration.

24/7 RealMedia : Large network. (CPM)
Commission Junction : Large network. (CPA)
LinkShare : Large network. (CPA)
MSN adCenter : Closed Beta (CPC)
Accelerator Media :
AdDynamix : (CPM)
AdEngage :
Adgenta :
AdKnowledge : (CPC)
AdPepper : (CPM)
ADServing Network : (CPM)
Adsmart : (CPM)
Adtegrity : (CPM)
AdZuba : (CPM)
AffiliateFuture : (CPA)
AffiliateSensor :
AVNads :
Banner Boxes : (CPC)
BannerConnect : (CPM)
BardzoMedia : (CPM)
BlinkAds : (CPA)
BlueFN : (CPA)
BlueLithium : (CPM)
ClickAdsDirect :
ClickBooth : (CPA)
ClickShare :
ClickXchange : (CPA)
CPX Interactive/Budsinc : (CPM)
DirectNetworks : (CPA)
Esource Media : (CPM)
Etype-Europe : (CPM)
EtypeUSA :
ExpoActive :
FluxAds : (CPA)
Hyperbidder : (CPC)
IncentaClick : (CPA)
Industry Brains :
Interclick :
JoeTec : (CPM)
Kontera : (CPC)
MaxBounty : (CPA)
Mirago :
Oridian : (CPA)
Oxado : (CPC)
Paypopup : (CPM)
PeakClick :
Popup Traffic : (CPM)
Searchfeed : (CPC)
ShareAShare : (CPA)
TextLinkAds : (CPC)
TMP Express : (CPA)
Tremor Network :

ClixGalore – Pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, and pay-per-lead.

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