Good Gaming Ad Network? Or something else?

I started a gaming site for a specific game a few months ago and it is currently growing fairly quickly (1.5x month over month) so it should have a nice traffic flow soon.
I am wondering if there are any good gaming ad networks for CPM? Many of my users are gaming centered and I use valuelickmedia currently which does not always show me only gaming ads so my CPC is very poor. I have 3 ad baners on the site at a time and I only get around $2.50-$3 a day. My daily visitors is 2k unique with 5k page views. Is there anyway I can increase my ad money?
I have tried adbrite and it did not pay well.. For some reason, google adsense banned me, and valueclickmedia has been the best but still unsatisfying rates.
Not sure where to go from here.

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