Revenue Sharing With Google Adsense

Quite a few forums, blog communities, article marketers, and news groups now help you place your own Google Adsense Ads on and within your contributions/posts.

Once you have your Google Adsense account, you can check out the forums, blog communities, article marketers, and news groups that do not require some minimum number of posts. They let you start making money right away. Here they are:

Free Web Hosting Forum


WHAM’s Web
Deluxe Martial Arts Forums”>Senserely

Blog Hosting
Blogger Party
My Life Of Travel

Article Directories
Xpress Ideas
Article Codex
Hot Web Tools

Joomlaya (Joomlah!/Mambo)
Downline Partners
Rummage4Money (search)

News Communities
Computing News

Adsense Revenue Sharing is Legitimate: From

Are you wondering if Google allows for multiple AdSense accounts to be displayed on one website?

The short answer is: YES!

The long answer goes even further and the following answer has been sent to us by a Google representative after we sent them an email asking for clarification on Google’s position about ad revenue sharing through AdSense:

“I understand you’d like clarification regarding displaying ads on your web page that contains ads associated with another Google AdSense publisher.

“If your website is in compliance with our program policies ( ) and you give others permission to display ads on your site, they may place their ad code along with other publisher’s ad code on the same page. You will, however, need to give permission to all those wishing to display ads on their website.”

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