Google’s Most Popular Custom Search Engines

Google now has a page that lists the most popular Custom Search Engine people have created. Topping the first list is the search for

#1 – site search
#2 – site search
#3 – MozillaZine KB search
#4 – MacWorld info search
#5 – Google Earth community
#6 – New Advent site search
#7 – Poems by Antoloji Arama Motoru
#8 – AreaConnect yellow pages and people search
#9 – Duowan Chinese World of Warcraft search engine
#10 – New York State DMV site search

Looks like a diverse group, full of some interesting CSEs, although it seems like popular sites using it for site search can dominate the list. I’m also finding it funny finding the New York DMV in there, but anything they can do to improve, I’m all for.
(via Steve Rubel)

Original post by Nathan Weinberg