Results Of Running A Google Newspaper Ad

Google is giving a second go advertising, running ads from AdWords advertisers in newspapers around the country. One advertiser,, has the results of their ad analyzed at PPC Discussions. The results: The ad generated just under 1,000 visitors, visitors who spent, on average, 30% less time and generated 70% less pageviews than usual pay-per-click visitors. They’ve got a PDF of the ad, which, curiously, does not sport an “Ads by Google” line like the first test did.
(via Barry)
So, I guess it all depends on how much the ad cost. If you are dealing in an industry where cost-per-click is $5 a click, 1,000 visitors will cost you $5,000. Compare that with an ad in the Chicago Tribune (PDF rate card link), where this ad ran, which gets as high as $755 for a column inch of ad space, the newspaper ad seems like […]

Original post by Nathan Weinberg