Other 2006 Holiday Logos

Here’s a rundown of other search engine’s logos for the holidays:
Yahoo ran a nice Flash logo with falling snow and a skating penguin and gingerbread man. Reload the page to see the animation from the beginning.

Here’s the non-Flash image version:

Check out Resource Shelf for some of Yahoo’s logos from other countries.
Ask ran one of their full screen images, this year of snow and a Christmas tree:

Gary Price has Ask UK’s different front page image, a simpler holiday bow. Today they are running a little Happy Kwanzaa message:

Search Engine Roundtable even ran a cool Christmas logo (see it here). They’ve also got Dogpile logo of a Dog doing some last-minute holiday shopping, and the logo from the Cre8asite Forums.
If you missed Google’s logos, here are my three posts on them:
Google Decorates Its Ads For The Holidays Again
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Original post by Nathan Weinberg