AdultScriptPro License – Tube Site Script

Currently Selling a license (ASP 2.0) for an adult tube script from AdultScriptPro
List of Features:
You will also be able to receive updates as they continually […]

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What is /channel/ folder in GA reports

Hi All…hope this is posted in right place. Can someone tell me what this link "/channel/UC9XjkNIoNHEAYGF-tVxmRNA" means in my GA Reports?? It appears quite highly […]

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Project Bloks: How Google Intends To Teach Children To Code

There are several toys in the market right now that are aimed at teaching kids how to code, i.e., create software, apps, websites, etc. For […]

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Google brings higher-resolution imagery to Earth and Maps

Every few months or so , Google improves the satellite imagery on services like Earth and Maps . Now, as part of its efforts to […]

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Promoting amazon product and copying description of it. Is that copyright violation?

Hi, I am wondering If I was promoting amazon product as an affiliate on my website and If i copy/pasted the product description will that […]

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Fastest $25 design for logo & letterhead

Hej Dper's.
I need a fast logo and letterhead right now.
Payment via paypal for fastest delivery with best design.
Details attached!
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Email Marketing Autoresponder Series TIPS and TRICKS

Making quick changes to autoresponder series can make huge impact to revenue.
Often, instead of focusing on SEO or paid advertising, the most important part is, […]

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Want-to-Hire: Fluent English writer

I am looking to hire an English writer to rewrite some articles on my wordpress blog. All the articles will be less than 300 words […]

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Posted in Uncategorized – INSTANT DELIVERY E3v3s 32GB RAM, Dual E5v2s, IPs, DDoS Shield – $53.10/mo. – USA

Hello DigiP Crew,
Welcome to instant delivery at the click of a button. I am running never before seen pricing on all our current stock following […]

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Gets Hacked

Many residents in Kern County, California, have lost their homes in a deadly fire still burning through the area, while others have been denied a… […]

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Google, Viacom win near-full dismissal of children’s Web privacy case

In a new setback for computer users, Google and Viacom prevailed in a lawsuit over children's Web privacy, though Viacom will still face one charge […]

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Google Partners With LyricFind To Deliver More Lyrics In Search, Administer Rights

Google Search and Google Play Music are diving more deeply into song lyrics via a deal with LyricFind . Lyrics as an add-on have been […]

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MajesticBC: Bulk Majestic Checker – (Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Etc)

MajesticBC | Expired Twitter Accounts | SuperCS | SuperHAC​

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Looking for help setting e-commerce site with feed plugin.

Hi guys
I'm trying to set up an e-commerce site that will feed products from an international site to my site in my home country. I […]

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Google rolls out new tools for teachers: Quizzes, Cast for Education

Google on Monday announced a series of new tools that will further its presence in classrooms around the globe. The company is launching Quizzes, a […]

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Google Has Some New Tools for Teachers

The Web giant on Monday launched its Expeditions virtual field trip app, which first arrived in beta this past September . The free app works […]

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Google Quizzes Debuts at ISTE, App Bundle for Chrome OS Announced

Google today announced several new education-focused technologies, among them the new Google Cast and the full rollout of the educational virtual reality tool known as […]

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Awesome Copywriting/Marketing Bundle

Frankly can't beat this with stick! No. I am not an affiliate over there.…effective-copywriting-marketing-bundle_062716
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Table column width with table-layout fixed – col vs th

I have always been wondering if there is any difference between using col or th to set column width when table-layout is set to fixed.


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10 High-Stakes Domain-Name Debacles From Google, Trump, Tesla and More

We all know that if you want to be a serious contender in the public eye, a website with the right domain name is a […]

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