Does anyone know when the shopzilla referral program will be up and running? The site has said "Coming Soon" for quite a while now.:confused: See original post by swollenpickles

In looking up citations of our 2006 book Open Innovation on Google Scholar, I found that the data miners confused two books on the topic with similar names. See original post by The Internet Stock Blog

Adbrite’s daily earning reports, are they real or they change (drop) at the end of the month like Chitika’s (unaudited and audited system ) ? Thanks See original post by gooner4ever

Dismiss Devoid Android Posted at 11:36 AM PT on August 27, 2008 Google’s Android mobile platform will become commercially available before year end, just as the company promised. See original post by All Things Digital

Google is planning to expand its data center space in Miami, and is expected to lease an existing facility to convert into a data center. See original post by Data Center Knowledge