Satoshi Watanabe smiles wryly as he remembers the day YouTube’s young founders showed up in Tokyo dressed awkwardly in suits and ties to try to calm a copyright row.Comment Original post by The Age

Those of you who have been following my blog for the last month know that I’ve been experimenting a lot with the group messaging service Twitter .Comment Original post by Andy Carvin’s Waste of Bandwidth

Microsoft aims to make surfing the Net on wireless devices as feature-rich as browsing on a PC Microsoft late Wednesday unveiled a mobile Web browser aimed at making surfing the Internet on wireless devices as …Comment Original post by Infoworld

Thailand’s military-backed government has set up a national panel it says is needed to control Web sites and other media outlets from exploiting the young.Comment Original post by Political Gateway

Find your next home on YouTube. That’s the latest promise of the phenomenally popular Internet video site and its brethren, where, in addition to viewing such cultural treasures as wedding bloopers and clips …Comment Original post by South Florida Sun-Sentinel