Brand new site Keep-U-Cash from Maryanne Myers

Just joined believe it just launched but I could be wrong.
NEW why join something just because it’s new? Well if I posted say a ton of you are already on it.
Found this NEW tool from "Brand new site Keep-U-Cash from Maryanne Myers" who launched and
Example Subject Line:Fre’e ads + 100% commish through classifieds

Example Body of message is below:
Hello there,
You can get post a fre’e ad across our network
plus you can get 100% commission just through the
Cash-U-Keep classified pages!
It is completely true and it won’t take even
a minute to post your own ad.
They are searchable ads (forever!) and
get indexed by search engines also.
NOTHING to lose here, just go to:
Thank you for your time,
Please also check out the best lotto club. It’s not new but I’m glad I joined it.
Get paid to play the lotto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1-877-526-6957 ID Z4941 […]

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