Which Sites Have $10 Free Google Checkout Promo?

Download Squad’s Jordan Running took upon the task of discovering which stores, beyond the 15 listed on the promo page, are participating in Google Checkout’s deal that gives ten dollars off the first purchase a new Google Checkout user makes. Turns out there are a ton of them, 234 in all! I had no idea Google Checkout had so many partners, all of which makes me wonder if the service might be reaching further than I thought.
All I know is, I am going to have to find a decent way to track stores signing up with and dumping Google Checkout. Right now, the most interesting stores on the full list of Google Checkout stores are:

Toys R’ Us
Sports Authority
Ace Hardware
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Linens N’ Things
Starbucks Store
Timberland (not in $10 promo)
GNC (not in $10 promo)
GameFly (not in $10 promo)
uBid (not in $10 promo)

What’s the most reliable way of comparing changes […]

Original post by Nathan Weinberg