Google Sketchup 6 Released

Amit Agarwal reports that Google has released version 6 of its 3D modeling software, the free Google Sketchup and the not-as-free $495 Google Sketchup Pro (which is a free upgrade for purchasers of most previous paid Sketchup versions). While the new version still does not have support for Windows Vista (curious, with Vista coming out in a mere three weeks), it does have a bunch of new features.
The coolest new feature has got to be its ability to create a 3D model from a photograph. While I won’t be able to test this out (the Vista thing, again), it is obvious how much easier and convenient the program can be if you can take a picture of your house and start with that, saving a lot of time in the beginning of your project. Other new features include themed styles, watermarks (for branding or logos), atmospheric haze […]

Original post by Nathan Weinberg