Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Stage With iPhone

Apple introduced the iPhone today (you can read more about that at Apple Watch, and get my very long op-ed on it at InsideMicrosoft), and joining Steve Jobs onstage for about a minute was none other than Google CEO and Apple board member, Eric Schmidt. Schmidt was there to announce that Google Maps and Google search would be built into the iPhone. Photos from Engadget, as well as these quotes:

Steve Jobs
“From google what we have on the phone is google search built right into the browser and google maps. We’ve been working closely with them.. it’s my pleaseure now to introduce Dr. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO.”

Eric Schmidt:
“I’ve had the privilege of joining the board and there’s a lot of relationships… if we merge the companies we can call it Applegoo — but I’m not a marketing guy. You can actually merge without merging. Each company should do the […]

Original post by Nathan Weinberg