Google Video Running Commercials

Boing Boing noticed that Google Vidoe now includes commercial interruption in some clips. Check out this Charlie Rose clip:

As you’ll notice, when the video plays, two blue squares appear in the progress bar. When the video reaches the blue squares, it starts a commercial, 15 seconds in length. You can skip the blue boxes, but once the commercial starts, you need to go to the end of it to return to the video. What’s worse is the video fades out before the commercial, and in after, so it interrups Charlie as he’s speaking and you miss part of the video.
Here are screenshots in case the commercials are removed:
The video with the blue boxes:

The commercial running, for Allstate:

Actually, the worst part is that the Charlie Rose video was already uploaded with commercials, so you have to sit through even more.

Original post by Nathan Weinberg