Google Reader Shows Trends

Google Reader added a really cool feature, Google Reader Trends, that shows you your personal reading statistics for your Reader account. You get charts and statistics on the feeds you read the most, the stuff you star and share the most, the total number of read items charted by day, time of day, or day of the week, the feeds that update the most frequently, and the ones that have not updated in the longest time.
I don’t use Reader, but I have loaded my OPML in there, and it tells me that the MSDN blog feed is my most active, with an average of 103 items a day. My top 40 list alone dumps 475.3 items on me a day! I also learned that Dave Winer writes an average of 7.4 items a day, while Search Engine Watch writes 5.1, Roundtable 4.5, Blogoscoped 3.8, Andy Beal 3.6, […]

Original post by Nathan Weinberg