Can Google Get More Bloggers In 2007?

Matt Cutts is right.
Finally, Arrington’s mention of “Matt Cutts, the unofficial Google blogger” also set my spidey sense tingling. No single person should be Google’s unofficial blogger–that’s not scalable.

Matt’s talking about how some people expect him to be the go-to-guy on all things Google. With Google having close to 10,000 employees and tons of projects, how can the guy with the popular blog doing webmaster relations be handling all of PR for multi-billion dollar corporation? Google has been hiring PR people left and right (go to any Google event, and you’ll meet the guy who got hired yesterday), and while the impact is not there yet, obviously the company is trying to improve things.
On the more short-term and personal levels, bloggers can have a great impact on PR. Matt points out a few bloggers who are making a difference, but the fact is that more needs to […]

Original post by Nathan Weinberg